Colin Chang

Winter Break

Here’s how I spent my Winter Break.

###Coding - Udacity’s Web-development course: covering HTTP, forms, databases, authentication, sessions and Google App Engine - Berkeley’s CS169 (Software Engineering) edX course - Jekyll: Acquired proficiency the Jekyll framework for my personal website - RubyMonk: completed the Ruby Primer course - Rails for Zombies: completed CodeSchool’s introductory Rails course - jQuery Air: First Flight: CodeSchool’s jQuery course - NJAUMC organizational website: volunteering to develop a web presence for a summer camp I’ve participated, counseled, and directed.

###Reading ####Leisure: - Consider the Lobster and other essays, David Foster Wallace - Code Complete, Steve McConnell - Don’t Make Me Think, Steve Krug - A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again and other essays, David Foster Wallace - K&R

####Blogs/Online: - Google Reader (Lifehacker, Co.Design, Design Observer, It’s Nice That, swissmiss etc.) - Hacker News