Colin Chang

Productivity Tools

Working with computers is great because with just about any problem you have, someone has had that exact problem and solved it already. Since it has come to my attention that others can benefit from my findings, I present the collection of productivity tools I’ve picked up in a few years of accumulation.

Until I get a chance to expand on them, I’ll simply list them here for the eager.

##General * Caffine * Slate * Vimium * Quicksilver * Chrome shortcuts

##Programming * zsh * Sublime 3 * vim * JsFormat * Git aliases * Remapping capslock to control

##Abstract/Principle based * Inbox Zero

##To Write Up * Google-fu * OSX keyboard navigation * Emacs keyboard shortcuts for non-vim textboxes * Apple Mail keyboard shortcuts

NB Most of my computer interfacing is with OSX, so the tools above have at minimum OSX support.